Casey Heynes Video Transcript: What His Bully Really Said

casey heynes bully body slamThe video in which 16-year-old Australian Casey Heynes body slams his bully has gone viral, lauding Casey a hero for his self defense, but that doesn't make it any easier to watch. Bullying is lame, yes, but watching kids have to resort to violence just to get a little peace at school isn't much fun either. No parent wants this to be the experience their child is faced with every day at school.

We took a closer look, maybe to make ourselves feel a little better, into the videotaped fight, and once we transcribed the bully's words and all the provoking jeers and insults from onlookers (not to mention that such a callous and despicable provocation was being videotaped for the sheer fun of it), the more we saw Casey had no choice but to stand up for himself.


Due to the recording quality and the Aussie accents, it's pretty tricky to figure out what the bullies are saying, so here's a transcription of what was said:

Bully: I heard you were talking sh*t.

Casey: Huh?

Bully: Heard ya been talkin' sh*t.

Casey: I haven't been talkin' sh*t.

Bully punches Casey in the face.

Onlooker Jerk: He's laughin' at ya!

It doesn't look like Casey's laughing at anyone. Bully tries to land another face punch. Casey deflects it. Bully punches Casey a few times in the gut, dances around like an idiot who's spent too much time watching Rocky movies. Thinks he's pretty funny at this point.

Camera Idiot: Go, Ritchard, go. This is gettin' sad, brah. Hey guys, just keep recordin', keep recordin'. [Girl walks up in background] Look at that, who's that in the background?

Tall Jerk: F*ck off, ya fat c*nt.

Casey grabs and then body slams bully, looks somewhat surprised by his power.

Camera Idiot: Oh sh*t ...

Tall Jerk to Casey: F*ck you ... (indecipherable cursing)

Casey walks away.

Smart Girl to Tall Jerk: I think you better back off and leave him because he's going to do that to you ...

Bully limps around.

Onlookers to Bully: You all right?

What do you think? Does reading the transcript of the incident change your mind about Casey's actions or only help justify them?

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