Parents Should Be Proud Their Teens 'Have Sex' (VIDEO)

I Have SexThey're three of the scariest words a teenager can say to a parent. But a video of teenagers (and young adults) proclaiming "I Have Sex" is proof that parents are doing their jobs. Our kids really are all right.

Made to protest proposed Congressional cuts to Planned Parenthood's federal funding, the viral video is evidence that, yes, our kids have sex (shhh, we'll take a break so you can start breathing normally again), but that our kids care enough about the world to take five seconds out of their busy video game playing schedules and do something for the good of humanity. Check out the video (warning: kick the kids out of the room -- there is one bit of nasty language):


I don't know about you, but I'd be proud to call any of those kids my own. The ones who have sex. The ones whose friends have sex. The ones who acknowledge that they need help from PP simply because they get their periods. All of them.

I'm proud of them because I was once one of them.

I was once a teenager. I was once uninsured. I once used a government-funded program to see an OB/GYN for the annual pap smear that many caregivers recommend start at 18. And yes, I got my birth control pill there too -- preventing a teenage pregnancy and a child I couldn't afford (an extra burden on the system to put it in GOP-terms).

But I'm proud because I'm now a parent. And I know not just where they've been, but what "kids today" are like.

Because talking about sex -- whether it's admitting you have it or admitting you're a virgin -- is tough for kids. And all of them just did it on camera, in a video they HOPED would go viral. And they did it not to emulate Jackass or get on Tosh.0 but to take a stand on a divisive issue that stands to affect the healthcare of millions of Americans, including millions of young adults.

Stand with them or against them on the issue, but be proud of these kids for standing up to say "I Have Sex." They're the future of our country, and they care.


Image via YouTube

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