High School Teacher Gives Students 'Sexual Tension Quiz'

QuizHigh school has gotten a heck of a lot more interesting since I was slumped over a desk, especially when you have a teacher like Frank Rozanski, professor of an AP psychology course at William T. Dwyer High School in Florida. He gave his class of 16- to 18-year-old students a 'sexual tension quiz,' which included this head-scratcher:

I'm spread before I'm eaten. Your tongue gets me off. People sometimes lick my nuts. What am I?

Well then. Now that’s the kind of question that gets a red-blooded teenager to thinkin’.


In case you couldn’t get past the steamy suggestiveness, the answer to that riddle is: peanut butter. Get your mind out of the gutter.

It seems the distribution of the quiz, which Rozanski explained was given to reinforce a lesson on social norms and innuendo, hasn’t made him Mr. Popularity amongst the outraged parents in the school where he teaches. They’re calling for him to be more than disciplined. They’re organizing their fiery pissed-off-ness into a lynch mob to get him fired.

To that I say: Get real. This one little incident didn’t compromise anybody’s virtue or deflower anyone’s virginal mind. Heck, their kids probably know as much about sex as they do and could put them onto some new info. Finding an innocent lamb in a high school these days is like finding a pair of Jimmy Choos on the sales rack at Marshall’s — you’re impressed and excited when you stumble on them, but you don’t expect to happen upon that kind of discovery too often.

I kid, I kid. But seriously, if it was elementary school, even middle, I could see a reason for everybody to be up in a huff. But they’re not little ones who need to have their eyes shielded when a hot sex scene crops up on TV. These kids are in their mid-to-late teens with one foot out the door, about to step into the real world — or, at the very least, someone’s college campus (and we all know how virginally pure and uncompromised students are on college campuses).

Judging by what I’ve overheard in their conversations, seen what they watch on TV, and listened to in their music, this is pretty PG-13. Besides, have you read Shakespearean plays before? Will S. was a freak. Literary classics like Christina Rosetti’s Goblin Market are full of hot and heavy sexual implications, too. It’s not the first time perversion cropped up in a classroom, although it’s ideally done in a more tasteful and structured way.

I’m not defending Rozanski’s move because I do think he should have saved the quiz for his colleagues, not his students if he wanted to share a chuckle over a bawdy joke. But parents sure do know how to overreact. One lady said she would pull her child out of the school that night. Really? It’s just not that serious. There are plenty of issues to get razzed about, but this fleeting faux pas, unless he has a long, sordid history of being a repeat offender, should be treated just like that’s what it is.

Am I under-reacting? Would you remove your teen from the class or the school if their teacher did something similar? 

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