'Twilight' Director Doesn't Trust Your Teens With Raw Footage

TwilightThe rumors are true, Twilight fans. There are naughty videos of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart auditioning for the first movie in the saga. But they will never see the light of day!

Turns out Catherine Hardwicke, the director of the first flick, says she doesn't trust our teens! Making the rounds of the press to pump up interest in her new movie, Red Riding Hood, Hardwicke told MTV that it would be too "dangerous" to release the footage because it's just too steamy:



Come on? Riots? And she won't even cough up an eensy weensy taste? For the moms, erm, kids? This dangling a carrot in front of our the kids' faces is downright cruel. Or is Hardwicke covering somebody's behind?

There may actually be a bit more to this story. After Twilight hit theaters and Hardwicke was canned, she made a big show of talking up how she warned Pattinson not to get mixed up with Stewart during filming. And during that first film, they didn't (supposedly anyway).

KStew was a mere teen when she auditioned (she's finally about to hit legal drinking age this April -- mark your calendars kiddos), and while RPatz wasn't much older, he was over 18. When Hardwicke was assessing on-screen chemistry with actors/actresses kissing, she related how desperate Stewart was to have Pattinson play Edward -- the make-out scenes were that intense. And she also related how she reminded him that she was still underage.

Regardless, we see they got mixed up at some point, and remembering our own first kisses, we can only imagine how sexy those first kissing scenes were. Sometimes we have to be reminded that the stars playing teens on-screen aren't. And that film editing goes on for a whole lot more reasons than just "we have to put this film together." A little nipple slip here, a hand a little too low there -- they can happen between co-stars who are dating ... and they can't show up in a film rated for our teens.

So maybe saying she doesn't trust our teens -- which is what she's implying -- is a little off base. It sounds like Hardwicke didn't trust her stars to keep themselves "teen-movie" appropriate, especially in the raw footage. And how can even a Twilight Mom blame her for protecting our kids?

What do you think? Would you want your teens seeing this couple getting nasty?


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