Teen Accepts Dare; Jumps From Golden Gate Bridge

Jumping off the Golden Gate BridgeYou try your best to teach your kids the difference between right and wrong. You coach them to think for themselves and make the kind of decisions when they’re away that they would make if you were standing right next to them. And then they go and pull buffoonish tricks like jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge on a dare. During a school field trip, no less.  

The 17-year-old, who goes by the name Otter (not making this up), is lucky to be alive after surviving the 220-foot leap into the waters of the San Francisco Bay, how dozens committed suicide just last year. "Otter" is also lucky that his parents didn’t kill him when they found out. Now the high school junior, whose real name isn't being released, is facing jail time and a $10,000 fine for his life-threatening stunt. Smooth.


His stupidity just goes to show that you never quite know what kind of peer pressure and rebellious, idiotic shenanigans your kids will pull when they’re out and about. You think they’re equipped to make rational choices and somewhere in the recesses of their hormonal little minds, they probably are. But your voice of reason and good upbringing can get drowned out as they buckle under typical peer pressure to fit in and be cool.

In addition to the standard worries parents have about drugs, alcohol, sex, and, in some places, violence, some teens are taking self-destructive behavior to a whole other level. Maybe they’re chasing the post-Jackass adrenaline rush

Not that moms needed anything new to keep them up at night when it comes to getting teenagers to adulthood in one piece. Just a little heads up to warn your son or daughter not to hurl themselves off of major landmarks the next time you sign their permission slip for a classroom outing. 

Has your kid ever pulled a stunt that made you say, “I thought he/she knew better than to do something like that?”

Image via Aza Raskin/Flickr

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