A Barbie Hair Makeover You Can't Say 'No' To

When I was a tween, there were pretty much only two loud, colorful ways to express your style in your hair: With a fluorescent-colored scrunchie that you would use to fashion a side pony -- it also doubled as a tie for that oh-so-trendy knot on the bottom of your T-shirt -- or with spray-on hair color. I never had the urge to wear a pink streak or a blue one, but I was big on the scrunchies. My, times have changed!

Mattel is coming out with a totally innovative way for girls to express themselves via their locks. Due out in the fall, Barbie Hairtastic Printables combine style with technology and your daughter's imagination. Mix it all together, and you and your daughter's doll will have funky patterns, colors, and graphics. It's like temporary tattooing for her tresses!

How it works ...


The kit comes with synthetic hair extensions that are glued by their ends onto a paper backing board, which can be fed through any inkjet printer. Your daughter can then pick from a variety of pre-set patterns and Barbie-ish images, or she can make her own design. Then, control+print, and the patterns print directly onto the hair extensions. (FYI, Mattel warns that you best not use a laser printer for these, or else the printables will end up more fried than a mop that's been through a bad perm!) Remove from the card and your daughter can clip directly into her hair or her Barbie's.

Uh, pardon my brief flashback, but Toto, I don't think we're in the '80s anymore! This makes the days of my childhood when we were mesmerized by Shrinky Dinks seem SO far away! Or, oh, wow, do you remember those My Little Ponies that had the hair you could crank long or short? Yeeeahhh ... kids today don't know how awesome they have it, huh?!

Anyway, the Barbie Hairtastic Printables package comes with a Barbie doll, eight sheets of printable hair extensions, and a couple of hair clips (doll-sized and little-girl-sized) -- everything for $29.99. You can get extra packages of printable extensions for $14.99.

I love the playful vibe of this product, and it's really encouraging girls to get creative and self-expressive. Even though, as Mattel puts it, Printables are "utilizing technology" of the 21st century, embracing crazy patterned and colored streaks for you and your doll is a concept that I think would make any child of the free-spirited '70s or punky '80s uber-proud of her daughter. 

Would you buy these for your daughter?

Image via Mattel

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