7-Year-Old Boy Does Burlesque; Outperforms Christina Aguilera (VIDEO)

The video pretty much speaks — no, screams — for itself. In this culture of super duper political correctness doused with a heavy blend of anything goes, it’s getting easier and easier to be outraged for a moment, shake our heads, share it on social media, then lie in wait for the next spectacle. But this 7-year-old Asian boy doing burlesque to a Christina Aguilera song is downright stomach churning.

See for yourself ...


First of all, no child has any business doing a chair dance. Period. I’m a grown woman and I often feel (and look) awkward as hell trying to pull one off, ergo a second-grader should never, ever have the coordination to outdo me at this tender age. The sexually suggestive gesticulations, down to the erotic mouthing of the lyrics, is enough to make any mama’s knees buckle. In fact, any adult — with kids, without kids, doesn’t even like kids — should be asking one simple question:

Where are his parents? And what are they thinking? 

Because this ain’t cute. Or safe. This otherwise adorable little boy has poured himself into a sequined dress (and exactly where does a little boy get a sequined dress in the first place, with hand prints across the chest, no less?) and shared it for the public — and pedophiles — to view. And he's apparently a YouTube sensation with other videos of similar scariness.

Somebody is almost bound to retort that this is nothing more than harmless creative expression. I can almost sense their fingers poised and triggered on the keyboard now. But to that I say this: creative expression for a child should not border on seductive kiddie porn, and this kid right here is guaranteed to be uploaded into some sicko’s fantasy collection. 

If he’s gay, fine. Let him embrace his gayness and, even more importantly, his keen knowledge of self at an age when a lot of kids can barely decide what flavor ice cream is their favorite. But being gay has nothing to do with this brand of over-sexualized behavior that, a few years down the line, can only be the main ingredient to a recipe of disaster.

When does innocent fun cross the line into child exploitation?

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