Teacher Ashley Blumenshine Has Sex With Student in Car

Ashley Bluemenshine teacher
Ashley Blumenshine
Here we go again -- another teacher sex scandal. This time the creepy teach Ashley Blumenshine comes from Illinois, and Ms. Blumenshine was caught by police in her car right after having sex with her student, who was still half undressed in the back seat.

Both Blumenshine and her student say the sex was consensual, but that doesn't get Blumenshine off the hook by any means.


Really, a 27-year-old woman with a degree and teaching career, you couldn't resist a 16-year-old boy -- a student, no less? Did he tell you that you were pretty? The best dance teacher he ever had? Or maybe these were the kinds of lines you used to lure him in.

Did his interest in you boost your ego and make you feel 16 again? Cause, in case you forgot, you're NOT 16, and now you've committed statutory rape. Not to mention that you're a teacher whom a kid should be able to trust and respect. And what about also respecting this kid enough to keep your hands off him and let him be a kid?

Seriously, what did it take for you to risk your personal and professional life and risk facing criminal charges? Please don't tell us that you love him.

Blumenshine, 27, was arrested behind a Kohl’s department store -- that's classy -- earlier this week. And now the physical education teacher has been charged with aggravated criminal sexual abuse.

What goes through your mind when you read about these teacher sex scandals?


Image from CBSNews via Will County Jail

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