'Live to Dance' Kids Blow My Friggin' Mind!

Live to DanceI've always been jealous of people who can dance, from the time that I was the sucky student in ballet class at 5 years old, to even now when I refuse to go to dance clubs unless I've downed a couple of drinks first. It's a talent that I've never had (even with approximately 7 years of dance lessons -- clearly I was quite the hopeless case), so I am in awe of people who are really, really good at it. Especially if those people are kids.

The new competition show, Live to Dance, gives a ton of these talented kids exposure. Honestly, I wasn't expecting to enjoy last night's premiere as much as I did, but when you have a cute little girl in a pink bandana breakdancing, it's hard to turn the channel.


Chi Town's Finest Breakers is a troupe of siblings who were once homeless and now they breakdance to raise money so that other kids who can't afford lessons can learn how to dance hip-hop. I'll admit, this is one of the stories that made me tear up a bit. And then that little girl (aka "B Girl Precious Moments") came out with her little heart-shaped hand gesture and just completely melted my heart. Beyond the cuteness factor, their ability to spin on their heads and jump through the air was amazing.

Jaden, 9-year-old from Seattle, really set the tone at the beginning of the night with a breakdance routine that was probably one of the most amazing things I've seen. Ever. And he claimed he's never even taken lessons! Holy crap!

Kendall Glover is one of those kids that I'm pretty sure has never had an actual childhood because she's too busy practicing dance, soccer, volleyball, softball, etc. -- but she seems to be happy with her life. The overly-energetic girl made me a little exhausted just watching her, but damn, she sure can dance.

From here on out, I'm not sure if I can refer to them as anything but the Zombie Kids because they played the parts so well (kinda freaked me out actually), but the group Shore Thing, which consisted of a bunch of New Jersey pre-teens, did a mishmash of Michael Jackson songs and would give even the late King of Pop a challenge in a dance-off.

D'Angelo & Amanda are 9 and 10 and "in a relationship," which was difficult for both of them to admit (they also disagreed on when they were going to get married -- she said 24, but he said he wanted to be waay older, like 30). I already thought they were the cutest pair before they even hit the stage. And wow. Their Latin dance technique rivaled anything I've ever seen before -- at any age.

Were you impressed by these kids? Which one was your favorite?


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