'Whip My Hair' Ice Skating 9-Year-Old Shakes Things Up (VIDEO)

whip my hair skate routineAnd you thought ice skating was a sport for the faint-hearted. Nine year old skater, Starr Andrews shook up the routine by channelling Willow Smith and stunning the genteel audience with her hip-hop'ish moves and wildly colored locks. Yes, she is a bad ass.

The classic routines that little girls perfect may be beautiful, but with Andrews' interpretation of "Whip My Hair" (which was already shocking due to the young age of Willow Smith) she takes ice skating to a whole other level, and the competition will most likely never be the same.

Cue the Lady Gaga interpretive skating pairs!



As someone who has never been able to sit through an entire ice skating routine (no, not even the Winter Olympics) I have to say this got my attention. Maybe the throwing of gang signs isn't appropriate for the rink, and the hot pants could be a little much, but perhaps this dramatic departure is exactly what the sport needs. Andrews still managed to kick out some classic ice skating moves to show off her skills so it's not like she came in and firebombed the prissy girl sport completely. I, for one, am loving it. Go Starr!

Whether you think the ice rink is an appropriate place for hair whipping R&B or not, this kid is going places. Which means perhaps I will be watching the 2014 Winter Olympics.

What do you think? Too risque for a 9-year-old or just what the sport needs?


Image via YouTube

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