Is Wonder Woman a Good Role Model?

Pity poor Wonder Woman, flying around sad and aimless in her Invisible Jet. It sometimes seems like she just wasn't made for modern life. She could reign as the supreme lady in the World War II comics era or the schlocky '70s TV era, but now she's too soft to be a feminist hero but too hokey to be a super vixen. And that godawful outfit really doesn't fly in any era. 

And unlike Batman, Spider-man, and every other spandexed superhero -- even the ladies if you count the women of X-Men -- she's got no effects-heavy new movie franchise to keep her on the culture's brain (though she may be coming back to TV courtesy of Ally McBeal creator David E. Kelley. It's a shame for such a solid hero for the young ladies. But is she a good role model?

At least in her comic-book home, she's been getting some respectful treatment lately via artist Nicola Scott, who has been drawing for both the main Wonder Woman series and her mini series Blackest Night.


I didn't realize how many women were comic book artists, what I thought was the ultimate basement boys' club. Kelly Thompson sets me straight with her list of best lady comic creators of the year, which includes Nicola Scott.

Scott's depiction of Wonder Woman's outfits are still skimpy and the boobs are still bulging -- but it's a far cry from the f**ked-up X-Women series. Her Wonder Woman is power first, sex second. She's also making some worthy girls in Teen Titans.

Thompson calls the newer Wonder Woman "tough and beautiful, strong and compassionate, powerful and graceful and as special bonus she never looks like she's going to fall out of her bustier." Though she rightly hates on the bustier itself: "Scott is the ONLY thing that made Wonder Woman in the hideous Star Sapphire costume this past year remotely tolerable ... in Scott's hands I didn't want to run off and pour bleach in my eyes."

Yeah, I may still have to opt for the bleach. Maybe David Kelley will help her get a decent outfit when she comes to TV. 

What do you think?

Images via DCComics/Flickr

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