Texting Santa Sounds Another Death Knell for Childhood

textingThe texting generation has officially gone too far. First it was grammar. Now they're trying to kill the Santa letter.

And they're doing it with a Santa texting plan that actually allows kids to receive a personalized message from Jolly Old Saint Nick to their cell phones -- for a price, of course. It's being advertised with the message "Make Any Child Believe in the Magic of Santa: Have Santa Send a Picture of Himself to Your Child in Your Home."

Quick, somebody pull my whiskers, is this for real?

Could American kids really prefer a bunch of LOLs and OMGs over cutting pictures from the toy catalog and pain-stakingly printing out their wish list?


If that's your kid, let me send you my sympathies now. You're missing out on something special.

It was a highlight of my week when I realized that rather than ask me for spelling advice, my 5-year-old daughter had pulled out her My Little Pony carousel to carefully copy down the words "My Little Pony" onto her wish list. A texting kid would have just hit a few keys that were "close enough," but writing her Santa letter was one of those teachable moments that crop up in real life.

You'll have to forgive the oversharing Mom moment. This is actually the first year my daughter was old enough to write her own list, and it's the first year I can't bring myself to slip it into the slot at the post office or bring it with us to see Santa -- lest he hold onto it. I'm not the "save every artifact" type of Mom, but this is one I have to keep. In 20 years, I can see her laughing over how she asked for "Stinky the Garbage Truck to Pay" instead of "to play."

That's a treasure. Where will a text be in 20 years?

Heck, where will your kids be in 20 years? Just about every child development expert out there suggests waiting until your kids are at least tween-aged to get their own cell phone. Owning one too young, they say, can do more harm than good. But the average American kid stops believing in Santa well before they reach that point -- usually around age 8.

If your kid is even thinking about conversing with St. Nick, it's almost guaranteed they're too young to text.

Would you let your kids text Santa?


Image via Zawezome/Flickr

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