'ANTM' Winner Ann Ward Encourages Anorexia

Ann Ward Top Model WinnerI was seriously disappointed in last night's finale of America's Next Top Model. Ann Ward, or who I liked to call Awkward Ann, won the title.

It's not that I didn't like Ann -- in fact, I found her shyness to be quite sweet, and the whole "dork in high school" thing was endearing -- but she was just so sickly skinny. I just wanted to feed her a hamburger.

And after watching the show, millions of girls went to sleep last night thinking that a size extra extra extra extra small is a good thing.


Sure the camera loved her (she had the top photo for the first five weeks of the competition), but towards the end, runner-up Chelsey had photos that were just as great. And she had a personality to boot. An area where Ann was lacking.

So why did she win? Her look. Which is simply skinny, skinny, skinny. They straight up said, "Chelsey is more American. Ann is European." So of course Ann won since the winner was to appear in Italian Vogue.

Um ... hello? American girls are still watching this, and there are teenage girls in Italy, too! Note to self: Never live in Europe with a teenage child.

I had such high hopes for America's Next Top Model. After "full-figured" Whitney Thompson won in Cycle 10, I thought, Okay, this is good, they're placing the crown on more varieties, it's once again safe for teens to watch. But in each cycle after that, the winners have gotten skinnier and skinnier.

I gotta say, though, this cycle takes the cake. Miss Jay Alexander was actually able to wrap his hands around the girl's waist. I'm sorry, but being that skinny should not be praised. Model or no model. 

It's tough to tell if she was naturally tiny -- there haven't been any serious reports of her having an eating disorder -- but being that skinny naturally is a very rare thing. Young girls can't be expected to have the ability to tell the difference. All they see is this beautiful girl who is crazy skinny take home the Top Model crown. And if you ask me, it's nothing short of blatantly promoting anorexia.

Do you think the winner was too skinny?


Image via CWTV.com

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