T-Shirts Don’t Give Young Girls Self Esteem

BYOU Clothing lineSelf-identity is something that I feel most teen girls struggle with. It's easy to want to wear the same clothes as the popular clique and get pressured into doing things you're not comfortable with because it's deemed cool. So, I'm all about finding ways to help teen girls feel empowered.

But please tell me how this shirt created by a 14-year-old celebrity is going to do that? Just because it says, "Be Your Own You," girls aren't automatically going to be able to show their true colors. I wish that were so, but middle school is just not that simple. Unless, of course, I went to school on a completely different planet.


Cymphonique Miller, aka “Lil Miss Swaggar," who is supposedly an up-and-coming music/TV star, has created this apparel line to go along with the social community BeYourOwnYou.com, which is basically an online club for girls.

The website is at least going in the right direction. It gives girls a place to come for girl talk, take quizzes, play games, etc. Bravo. But what about the tough topics? Sex. Drugs. Alcohol. Peer pressure. Bullying. All I found during my five minutes of browsing was a lot of pink and OMGs. And unless that t-shirt comes with a super-cool role model, it's pretty much useless as well.

I remember when I was 14, I looked up to Mia Hamm. I played soccer, and the U.S. women's soccer team was at their peak. So Mia was an obvious choice. But she had much more than just a knack for juggling the ball -- she was a strong, powerful woman, on and off the field. I devoured her biography and, after reading, felt that I could conquer the world. That's the kind of thing that teen girls need. Someone that they can both relate to and look up to.

That's why I got so excited when I heard about the new teen magazine that teen fashion blogger Tavi and magazine editor Jane Pratt were doing because I foresee that sort of thing gracing the pages -- inspirational stories from real girls/women, proving that being yourself is pretty damn awesome. Not just a t-shirt that says so.

Do you think just by wearing a t-shirt that says to be yourself, girls will be inspired to do so?


Image via BYOUApparel.com

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