Tavi & Jane Pratt Try to Revive 'Sassy'

tavi gevinsonIn a world where girls are bombarded with articles on "15 Ways to Flirt" and tips on how to look hot in a bikini illustrated by a size 2 model, the news of teen wunderblogger of Style Rookie, Tavi Gevinson, and iconic magazine editor Jane Pratt coming together to form "a teen magazine that doesn't suck" is beyond refreshing.

With Tavi's eccentric tastes (she's 13!), and, well, Jane's pure awesomeness (she was the genius behind now defunct mags Jane and Sassy), this new magazine will surely fill the void that has been created by these mags that simply regurgitate the same crap month after month.

Here are some of my predictions of what we can expect from the upcoming teen mag:


It won't be ad-heavy. Advertising was always an issue with Jane Pratt, so I imagine that the products we see in these pages are picked because they're fantastic, not because the company is spending $$$ on advertising. Guess what moms, we may actually be able to afford the clothes that our teens tear out of the pages.

It will be blatantly honest. Sassy hit topics that other teen magazines wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole, and I expect nothing less from this one. The more unconventional, the better, in my opinion, whether it be about fashion or relationships. Our teens should be exposed to more than just a cookie-cutter world.

It will create a new wave of feminism. I'm not one to refuse to shave my legs out of cries for gender equality, but I do think that it's important for young girls to feel empowered and comfortable being who they are, not what society tells them they should be. Tavi is a perfect role model for this: "Never before had I felt that feminism was something I could be so much a part of. It sounds like I'm talking about being part of the Riot Grrrl movement itself, but really, just the history of it, and the fact that it even existed, makes me very excited, and proud, to be a girl, and to be who I am."

It will be a magazine for the people, from the people. Tavi has already requested the world to submit writing samples on her blog. I can only imagine the amount of samples they're receiving, but it'll be straight from the mouths of their audience.

Overall, this is exactly what our teens need (and I may even take a peek myself).

What do you think of this collaboration? Think it'll be a magazine you'd want your teenage girls to read?


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