'Wizards of Waverly Place' Too Old for Magic?

It's hard to believe with half the world's adults flocking to Harry Potter that you can be too old for wizardry. But that appears to be what's going on at Waverly Place. Selena Gomez's Alex and the other two Russo kids on Disney Channel's Wizards of Waverly Place were in a fierce battle through the first three seasons to become the family's next new wizard, and learning how to be regular people in case they were one of the two losers.

Alex and the boys lost their powers at the end of last season because -- with many wizards held captive by the government -- they revealed their magic, which means you lose it. The Disney version of muggles apparently can't be trusted to know about magic either. LIke so many other shows, Six Feet Under, Happy Days, every high school show ever, success can suck for a show because the premise can wear thin.


As season four begins, they are still as unmagical as the boring teens you have at home. As Gomez tells TV Guide, she was "nervous," but the story line "lets the characters branch out."

I don't even like to engage in speculative spoilers so I can't imagine whether the magic will return. Selena does give out one huge spoiler to TV Guide. She says her BFF Taylor Swift will NOT be guest-starring in an episode: 

No, just because I never want our friendship to be exploited. She's like my family, and I wouldn't want anything to mess that up.

That's a girl who understands friendship and exploitation. How many of us have lost friends because we ended up getting a little drunk late at night and accidentally filming a guest spot?

I haven't let my 6-year-old watch the Wizards yet. The occasional iCarly is the only bigger kid fare I've allowed yet. But Mary McNamara at the LA Times might have sold me:

Wizards of Waverly Place is a very good show, funny and clever, easier on the schtick and maddening laugh track and maddening laugh track than Disney's Sonny With a Chance and with a much lower brat factor than Nickelodeon's iCarly. Gomez is sweet and sassy, with a lovely elastic face and great comic timing.

Wow, you know, "sweet and sassy, with a lovely elastic face and great comic timing" would pretty much be a perfect personal ad for me seeking a lady. I'm using it. But, you know, over 30.

Do your kids watch Wizards of Waverly Place? What do you think of it?

Image via tv.disney.go.com

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