Do Lesbians Deserve an Education?

Kelsey HicksWith a dropout rate of 8 percent of kids, aren't principals supposed to be bending over backward to keep kids in school? Then color us confused. An Oklahoma administrator is accused of telling two students not to bother showing up for their senior year.

So what did these two wastes of the paper a Del City High School diploma is printed on do? Spray paint some school buses? Smoke pot in the bathroom? Pour sour milk down the study hall heating vents?

Nope, nope, and not a chance. Melissa McKenzie and Kelsey Hicks just fell in love. With each other.

Oh, we get it, they've got lesbian cooties!


Hey, that's what the principal thinks. Hicks (pictured) says she told the 18-year-olds, "Well, you're gay. You're not going to do anything with your life. You might as well just drop out now." She also allegedly removed the girls from the softball team. Because there's no lesbian stereotype quite like the softball playing girls who shower together after practice.

We're so glad the principal clued us in to another one. Who knew being a lesbian was actually worse for your future than being a high school dropout?

Apparently not the Alliance for Excellent Education. They estimated "if the students who dropped out of the class of 2007 had graduated, the nation’s economy would have benefited from an additional $329 billion in income over their lifetimes." Nothing about lesbianism in that report.

Or how about the Columbia University’s Center for Benefit-Cost Studies of Education at Teachers College? They estimate that cutting the dropout rate in half would yield $45 billion annually in new federal tax revenues or cost savings. Nothing about lesbians in that report either.

No one sent the message to Suze Orman either. A lesbian in her 60s, she's one of the nation's best known and most respected finance experts. Maybe because she graduated from the University of Illinois and worked her way up?

If being a lesbian is indeed some sort of curse, the principal at Del City should be taking this as a challenge to prove she's a super administrator. She can beat the curse, get these kids a high school diploma, and get them out of her hair at the same time.

Or she can just add to the national debt.


Image via KWTV

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