10 Most Inappropriate Field Trips

inappropriate field tripsFinding your classmate's brain in a jar on a field trip may qualify for most inappropriate field trip moment of all time. However, after polling friends and co-workers, it turns out there are a lot of strange, scary, and downright disgusting places schools take the kids to teach them a lesson. (Haunted cemetery, anyone?)

Just so we're clear, school administrators, here's a list of 10 places we really, really, really don't want our kids going on field trips. Also, vet your field trip guide so they don't say things like, "If you take anything from this place, tragedy will befall your family." Yes, this really happened to one of our editors.

  1. Slaughterhouse -- Our children do need to know where our meat comes from. But let's let them learn about it through books, an expose, and movies so they don't come home reeking with the stench of fresh death.
  2. Shooting Range -- Anything that could result in shooting a classmate does not a good field trip make.
  3. Rally in Washington D.C. -- Whether it's to restore sanity or to toss tea in the Potomac, our kids should only be indoctrinated by their parents.
  4. Maternity Ward -- Yes, the screams of pain could help prevent a few teenage pregnancies, but think of it from the point of view of the women in labor. Would you want a teenage boy snickering at your cervix as it expands into the ring of fire?
  5. World Series of Poker -- Gambling and kids are only funny in the movies.
  6. Congress -- Mark Foley may not be there anymore, but you can bet some member of Congress is gearing up to sexually harass some pages sometime soon.
  7. Tattoo Parlor -- Repeat after me: A tattoo parlor is not an art museum.
  8. Coal Mine -- Sure things worked out well for those Chilean miners, but your kid might not be so lucky.
  9. The Gathering of the Juggalos -- Look it up, and stay away. Not even a good field trip for people over 18.
  10. Toxic Waste Dump -- Do you want your child coming home with an extra toe?

What's the weirdest field trip your kid has ever taken?


Image via AZRainman/Flickr

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