Teens Accused of Helping Their Mom Kill Their Dad

David Green, Jr. homicide victim
David Green, Jr., homicide victim
Two teenagers and their mom conspire to kill their father, whose body is found in the family freezer. Yikes! Just when you thought news stories couldn't get any more horrific, out comes another one -- this time about the murder of David Green, Jr., father of two, of Raleigh, North Carolina.

What in the world happened in this family?


The dismembered remains of David Green, Jr. were found a few weeks ago in his own home, in his own freezer. According to David's brother, the 51-year-old man had been missing for about two years and, although his family was looking for him, his disappearance hadn't been reported missing to police until last month.

After Green's remains were discovered, his longtime partner 41-year-old Wendy Edmond Green was arrested for his murder, as well as for felony conspiracy. And soon after that, his 17-year-old daughter Alexis Green and his 15-year-old son David Green, III were also charged with his murder.

Daughter Alexis was already serving time in the Wake County Jail for burglary and failure to appear in court when her father's body was found. Wendy Edmond Green
Wendy Edmond Green, arrested for murder
David Green, III was in Minnesota living with a friend and brought back to Raleigh to be questioned by authorities before his arrest.

According to authorities, the Greens had past domestic and custody issues, including an assault on Wendy Green in 2007, for which David Green, Jr. was arrested and charged.

David Green, Jr.'s brother Avery Green released a statement from their family today, which stated, in part:

David, Jr. was a wonderful, loving, son, brother, cousin, and friend to all that knew him. His memory deserves dignity and respect. Please remember his family is a part of your audience when you publish.

We ask you to understand we are a family in grief. We are deeply saddened by the loss of David, Jr. at the hands of those he loved most. My family formally requests the newspaper and broadcast media to give us the necessary time and space to grieve privately with the dignity David, Jr's memory deserves. He was a human being and should not be mortified through reporting unconfirmed details surrounding his death and disappearance. 

Read the entire statement.

Alexis Green
Alexis Green, 17, charged with the murder
of her father
Understandably, murder is a private family matter, but it's almost impossible not to wonder and speculate about what may have happened within this family to cause such a horrifying murder at the hands of family members. Especially teenagers! Something very very wrong has happened in this family.

Why must we speculate? Because we're looking for all the ways we can disassociate our stories from theirs, of course. None of us want to believe this was a normal, functioning family that took this frightful turn. No way! Because if we believed that, we'd have to believe it could happen in our own lives.

Do you think we have the right to speculate on crime stories like this? Do you think the media has the right cover such stories closely? Why or why not?


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