Homophobic Children's Book: Would You Buy It?

chased by an elephantI just learned about a children's book called Chased by an Elephant. There’s nothing repellent about this title, but the subtitle, The Gospel Truth About Today’s Stampeding Sexuality, is eyebrow-raising. And then the content is downright offensive.

The book, written by Janice Barrett Graham (whose husband, not coincidentally, runs an anti-gay group), was inspired by the author’s experience with her own son, a self-proclaimed “cured “ homosexual. 

Mommy Graham wants to help other kids (and parents) avoid the “deceitful and predatory nature” of homosexuality.



With the rash of extremely tragic and unnecessary gay teen suicides that have dominated the news recently, this book seems all the more evil and insensitive. The message not so subtly tucked within Chased by an Elephant is that gay kids can overcome the "sin of homosexuality" and turn themselves heterosexual through counseling. According to Frau Graham, the book will “shed the clear light of truth on today's dark and tangled ideas about male and female, proper gender roles, the law of chastity, and the God-given sexual appetite." Pardon me while I puke.

Please, can’t we just tell our kids that we love them for who they are? And furthermore, I’m pretty sure that it’s been established that anti-gay therapy is nothing but cruel and dumb. Isn't it almost 2011, people! Be tolerant and loving, please. Too many children are suffering already because books like this imply that homosexuality is a sin and a choice. 

Sure, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I wouldn't want to live in a country without the freedoms to write even this kind of book. However, I wish that some of the biggest retail chains would opt not to stock it.  

What do you think of this book for children?


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