Willow Smith 'Whip My Hair' Video: She's Only 9!

Willow Smith
Willow Smith
Another child pop star is emerging on the music scene. Ms. Willow Smith goes all out in her new 'Whip My Hair' video. The girl can sing, she can dance pretty darn cute, and her unique personal style is out of this world.

But she's only 9 years old; she'll be 10 on Halloween day. Is this another case of too much too soon?


Watch the 'Whip My Hair' video:

Okay, it's just not my thing to get all riled up about young pop stars like Miley Cyrus dancing too sexy and whatnot. Miley's a teenager after all. My friends and I did lots of dancing sexy (or tried) in the teen years. But the years between 9 and 16 and 17 are long and so very critical for a girl. Most typical girls grow, in those years, by leaps and bounds -- and most the time faster than we should even in normal circumstances.

And while I feel so obvious even bringing this up, the girl in the video isn't necessarily how I see a typical nine-year-old either. Willow Smith is not even 10 years old yet. If she's already here at 9, where's she going to be at 16? Why can't I just be content believing that at 16 she will be even more talented and more creative than she was at 9? Oh right, cause we don't ever see cases like that.

Don't get me wrong. I don't find the video sexualizes her in the least, which is a big relief. But at the same time, Willow has a shockingly mature singing voice that closely resembles that of 22-year-old Rihanna,. as well as some of the attitude. In her video, she's wearing makeup, false eyelashes, long nails (although painted in childish colors), and fake jewels on her upper lip and eye. Her clothes are fun and creative. However, while watching it, I sometimes forgot I was watching a barely-tween. Then I would catch a glimpse of her lanky tween frame, and I'd find myself a little shocked. She's just a bay-beee!

And somehow, I have become a bit of prude, I guess.

So is this just celebrity dress-up and nothing to worry about? Willow's parents Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith seem very together and involved in their kids' lives, and I can't imagine they'd do anything to put Willow's emotional well-being at stake. However, Will and Jada are celebrities, too. Are they blinded by the veil of stardom? Is pop stardom at this level ever a safe, happy place for a kid to grow up?

I don't have an answer to that; however, I wish I could shake the guilt I have over how much I enjoy watching her video just the same. It's fun. I like it. I want to dance to the beat of a 9-year-old. Oh geeeez.

What do you think of the Willow Smith video? Too much? Or just celebrity stardom at its best -- no harm done?

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