Boy Shot Over Saggy Pants. I Say Let Them Sag.

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I've never in my life heard more flack about a youth fashion trend than I've heard over the years about boys who wear sagging pants. Everyone has got something to say about it. It just might be the most button-pushingest trend of all time. I find it completely ridiculous (and frankly, racist) that a style among youth can cause so much racket -- not white boys wearing insanely skinny girl jeans, not wannabe girl starlets without underwear, not hipsters in faux hawks, but guys in saggy pants. This trend bothers people to no end.

In fact, this weekend, a grown man in Memphis actually got so riled up about saggy pants that he shot a boy when he refused to pull his saggy pants up.

Okay, now everybody needs to calm down. Just chill out. They're only frickin' big pants!


This controversial trend that actually has cities trying to make sagging pants illegal makes people completely insane. And why?

Because you can't imagine how they walk around in them? Because it looks uncomfortable? What's it to you? Do you have to walk around in them? They probably wonder how you walk around wearing big plastic Crocs. They probably wonder why you're always in sweat pants at the grocery store or how business dudes wear ties day in and day out. They'd probably ask me why I'm almost 40 and trying to wear skinny jeans (sorry, I can't resist ...).

Or is it because you don't want to see their underwear (cause the underwear you're seeing is probably their "for show" underwear, not their actual underwear). And believe me, there was never this much hype when I was walking around town in a bustier during the Madonna era.

More probable, you're freaked out that those are gang clothes, right? Well, rest easy because your child is not going to be initiated into a gang just for wearing saggy pants. If baggy pants meant anything, I'd be married to Gangster #1 since it took me 10 years to get my husband to actually wear pants in his right size.

There are a whole lot of other more critical, more pressing factors that go into why boys join gangs. Like he feels it's the only way to survive in his neighborhood. Like he has no other role models. Like he believes the false promises of gang life amid a tough life. And so on and so on. But, of course, instead of focusing on those problems and finding solutions, let's focus on the clothes they frequently wear.

Would the Harley's Angels crumble if we banned leather jackets?

One young man on YouTube actually recalls back in the late 1980s that the saggy pants trend caught on as a result of kids wanting to hide from their schoolmates that their pants had gotten too short or busting out the too-big hand-me-downs before they really fit. So there's a very interesting, socio-economic explanation behind the trend.

Now obviously, as a parent, I think it's important to teach my kids when and where it might be critical to their success to conform to fashion standards -- job interviews, church, possibly school depending on the trend, etc. However, if he's just hanging out with his friends or going to a party and wanting to express himself through some fashion trend that doesn't hurt anyone like sagging pants, then fine. Let them sag.

Does the saggy pants trend get you all riled up? If so, why?


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