Why Are So Many Church Leaders Total Hypocrites?

Bishop Eddie Long
Bishop Eddie Long
Known anti-gay Baptist pastor Eddie Long is being accused of using his megachurch status and academy to sexually abuse at least four alleged male victims who were teens at the time.

Long is bishop at the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta. Within the church's youth academy, Long pushed an intense curriculum of financial and sexual responsibility to the boys and, according to The Associated Press, made them take sexual purity vows and carry a "Sex Self-Check Card."

Now he is facing charges from several young men who were 17 and 18 at the time of the alleged abuse. The lawsuits include charges that Long lured them with trips, cars and money, and one alleged victim, Spencer LeGrange, says Long gave him a sleeping pill during a trip to Kenya and then engaged him in sexual acts.

Long denies all allegations, of course. But what makes this whole thing even worse is how supportive his fellow Atlanta-area church leaders are being ... not of the victims, of Long!


First check out this short interview with Pastor Jasper Williams, Jr. of Salem Bible Church in Atlanta after he and other area church leaders met to discuss the allegations surrounding fellow pastor Eddie Long.

So let me get this straight:

A fellow pastor is being charged with sexual misconduct with teenagers, and this is all the church leaders can think to do:

"We wanted to pray for this situation."

And not only pray for the situation but pray WITH THE BISHOP ... WHO'S AN ALLEGED RAPIST.

"...we're calling nationally for pastors to come from across the nation to come pray with the bishop."

And amid these horrible allegations, this is all you can think to look into the camera and say?

"Homosexuality is a sin ... Anything that is not of God is sin."

Oh, anything that is not of God, like maybe possibly being a liar, a hypocrite, and a child molester? Oh wait, no, those things don't seem to matter to this group of church leaders -- and will be forgiven even if they are found to be true.

"If allegations come out, however they are, we are forgiving, we love, we appreciate. Bishop Long has done a lot in this city as it relates to ministry. For people. He's helped a lot of people."

Oh right ... because if you helped someone, somewhere, sometime, it washes away true sins in the eyes of these holy men. And if you are deemed a sexual predator, that's forseeingly forgivable (but homosexuality is not, mind you).

What Bible have these guys been reading?

These stories always ruin my thinking about orgainized religion. What about you?


Image via New Birth Missionary Baptist Church

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