I Want My Boys to Dress Like Justin Bieber

justin bieber style

As much as I crack up over Justin Bieber, his hair flip, shy grin, and the Bieber haircut that will never go away, I love that boy's style. Sort of urban, always hip. I'll take his well-fitted or sometimes under-fitted look over the oversized trend any day of the week. I mean, those poor moms who have to find room in the dresser drawers for all those pants that are four sizes too big. I'll have to invest in another dresser if the boys ever go that direction. Not to mention the laundry that comes with that look -- the oversized pants, the shorts or boxers that are for show, AND then the real underwear. Three layers of laundry every day. Um, no.

That said, I would love it if my boys grew up wanting to dress like Justin. Sure he's almost always in a T-shirt of some sort, slim jeans, and sneakers, but at least his look is often put together with a blazer, denim jacket, or cool sweater. I like.


Get your son the Justin Bieber look above:

Nothing cuter than a young man in a blazer.

shrunken blazer

BDG Shrunken Blazer ($68) at UO

And I've scoured the web for colored light blue jeans (anyone?) like Justin's, but they seem to be Justin exclusives for now. A pair of light wash jeans can definitely do the trick.

slim jeans light wash

Slim Jean Light Tinted Classic Wash (was $39.50; now $29.95) at American Eagle

Love the pale blue leather belt Justin's wearing in this outfit, but a light blue canvas belt is simple and works well.

canvas belt light blue

Military-Style Canvas Material Belt ($3.50) at LeatherforAll.com

The statement-making bowtie necklace seals the deal for me. I love a guy who can rock jewelry like this, and hey, it dresses up Justin's black T-shirt too.

bowtie necklace

Bowtie Necklace ($90) at Cement

No doubt, you're going to go pretty broke having a son as well-dressed as Justin Bieber. Hope he can sing, too.

Would you like your son to dress like Justin Bieber?


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