Top 5 Teen Foods: It's NOT What You're Packing for Lunch

what do your kids really eat for lunchYou research healthy recipes for your kid's lunches, you ask for his input to ensure he'll be excited by said healthy choices, you pack it up and watch as he takes it with him to school.

But you strongly suspect that healthy lunch is winding up in the trash.

Alternately, you buy the school's hot lunch. After checking it and discussing options with your child, you give her money for the lunch lady. But somehow you're suspicious that the 99-cent menu off-campus has been calling her name.

Judging by the line of teenagers outside the In-N-Out Burger across the street from my neighborhood high school, you're probably right.

So what do these kids eat today? If you were ever a teenager yourself (and you were, right?), you may find the Teen Ink Top 5 Foods familiar.


A zillion kids answered this uncensored site's survey about what they love to eat. After compiling and analyzing, here are the foods that topped the list:

1. Pizza (628 votes)

2. Chicken -- breast, taco, fried, nuggets (370 votes)

3. Ice Cream (262 votes)

4. Chocolate (216 votes)

5. Burgers & Fries (tied with 152 votes each, naturally)

And how did the good stuff stack up? Broccoli had 14 votes, which is quite frankly -- pathetic.  But salad had a respectable 121 votes. Those aren't pizza numbers, but it's something.

What are your kids eating for lunch?


Image via Dennis.Vu/Flickr

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