Texting in Class: How Much Are Kids Really Doing It?

teen girl textingWhen I think about it, I'm pretty sure I owe my high school diploma to the fact that I was NOT born in the era of texting.

Oh, the additional trouble I would have found had there been cell phones and text messaging. We spent so many nights driving around looking for the party -- to no avail -- and ended up home in bed by 11:00 p.m. However, with every high schooler equipped with a cell phone and texting ability, there's no missing a thing anymore.

Texting in class, that would definitely have spelled trouble for me, a chronic note passer, too. There's something irresistible about sending secret messages. Even right now, I want to IM someone a secret message about what I'm having at lunch. I can't help it!

Threats of cell phone confiscations or bans isn't stopping most teens from texting during class. According to a new survey from textPlus, classroom texting is rampant in today’s high schools.


According to the survey on texting in class:

  •  43% of teens, ages 13-17, say they text during class.
  • 17% of them say they text in class “constantly.”
  • Only 26% think it’s wrong to text during class.
  • 52% of teens say they text with friends who are actually sitting in the same classroom!
  • They’re getting away with it, too. Nearly 80% of the teens surveyed said they’ve never gotten in trouble for texting in class.

And it turns out kids aren’t the only culprits -- according to the survey, parents are to blame too.

  • 66% of teens say their parents text them during the day even though they know they’re in class.

And while the survey revealed that texting topics are the run of the mill gossip, crushes, weekend plans, etc., some teens said texting has “saved” them a few times: 

  • 22% of teens said they’ve texted answers to classmates who’ve been called on by the teacher with a tough question.
  • 20% said they themselves had been “saved” by such a text.

Oh, and English teachers will love this one:

  • 29% of teens admit to using texting shorthand in their written school assignments (e.g., “4” instead of “for”  or “u” instead of "you").

Oh boy, it's all my fears and then some. Being a teenager is hard enough. You simply live, eat, sleep, and want for a little trouble. Is technology now serving it up on a silver platter?

Have you found out your kid's been texting in class?


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