I Photoshop My Kid: Why Do You Care?

taking photoThe exposure of Photoshopping models -- and what it does to our self-esteem -- has been nothing but good for womanhood. 

Until now.

The photo should have been perfect.

A smiling kid. Decent angle.

But there was a giant scab on her cheek.

So I Photoshopped it out of there. And the picture purists will tell you I'm ruining childhood.


In 20 years, they say, I won't have a real representation of what my child was like as a toddler.

Ah, so my daughter's childhood is nothing more than a pussy, oozing, scratched-at bug bite. Duly noted.

And ignored.

I'm not a fan of the new "Photoshopping school pictures trend" for sure. My daughter took a tumble on Saturday of epic proportions (naturally I was sitting on the couch within sight of her as it happened ... if I'd been ignoring her, Murphy has proven again and again she would have been fine!).

The results have earned me days worth of "what'd you do to that kid?" and "Jeanne, don't you know child abuse is illegal?"

Hardy, har, har.

I was more anxious about soccer pictures. Which came on Sunday -- exactly one day after the incident.

All the Neosporin in the world wasn't going to fix a scabby mess of that size. I grit my teeth and let her climb on the stool, hold a soccer ball in her hands, and smile big for the camera.

That's natural childhood.

A big scabby bug bite? Nope. You can be the judge -- the top photo is sans bite. The bottom photo: quite obviously with:no bite


As a photographer, I've Photoshopped out snot on a crying toddler. And removed mom's arm from behind the kid who just wouldn't smile for the birdie if she wasn't cuddling.

I'm a fan of the more natural photos; the candids are why people come to me. My favorite clients are the ones who take the photo of their two kids screaming their heads off and put it on the Christmas card -- because it's real.

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But there's showing your kid's personality. Then there's a photo ruined by something so inane you won't remember it in 20 years -- nor should you have to. 

The reminder that she often refused to listen when told not to run in the house will remain in that soccer picture. The fact that there are so many bugs are out and about doesn't need a photo.

Are you a picture purist or liberal with the Photoshop?

Images via  © iStock.com/Imgorthand; Jeanne Sager

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