Facebook Makes Kids Dumb

facebook lowers gpaAs if we needed another reason to monitor our kid's Facebook usage. A new study shows that students who study with their Facebook pages open get lower grades, and their GPA is an average of 20% lower than their non-FB addicted friends.

Twenty percent! 2-0. That's huge.

The study focused on students ages 19 - 54, but it's unlikely the 13 - 18 set would fare any better if they were checking friend's status updates while they were supposed to be immersed in the Pythagorean theorem.

While Facebook is being singled out for this study, the real problem is a modern one that all of us face daily: multi-tasking.


You could also add to the list:

  • Eating while studying
  • Texting while studying
  • IM'ing while studying
  • Having the TV on in the background while studying
  • Petting your dog while studying
  • Studying with someone you find attractive

Anything that distracts you from your work, be it a juicy link or a co-worker handing out cupcakes, will interfere with the quality of your output. A study a few years ago even showed that those who think they're especially adept at multi-tasking are usually the worst.

All of this is to say, we need to unplug. Focus on one thing at a time, until we've dotted the last i and crossed the last t. And of course, don't let your student have a computer outside of the family room.

Will this make you limit your child's Facebook time?


Image via daveynin/Flickr


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