Your Teen Won't Be a Virgin Forever -- Not at These Colleges

making out kids college young adultsRemember when college rankings were all about which college you could attend to get the best teachers and the best education? Well, no more.

Now many college ranking lists reveal oh-so-much more -- from which colleges party hardest to which colleges to attend if you strive to get B's -- you know, the important stuff about college. When you're in college, maybe, but not necessarily when you're the one paying for it...

Of course, quirky college guides can have their advantages, say, if you're afraid you're raising the next 40-year-old-virgin-to-be and figure your kid could use all the help he or she can get in regard to learning about a little somethin' somethin'.


If at night you toss and turn with worry over the longevity of your college-bound teen's virginity and potential for a long life living in a house with cats, then (for gods-sake, don't tell them!!!) check out this recent ranking from Unigo. This online college resource guide delivers real information (probably too real, in some cases) from actual students at colleges across the country. And direct from the source, they've put together an extraordinary list of the Top 10 Colleges With the Best Hook-Up Scenes.

Find the colleges that might help your kid "get some" or, in the case that your wild kid really doesn't need any help in that regard, find the colleges to avoid (and lock that kid up!).

Top 10 Colleges Where Everybody Gets "Lucky" 

  1. Arizona State University
  2. University of California-Santa Barbara
  3. Florida State University-Tallahassee 
  4. University of Miami
  5. Michigan State University
  6. University of Nevada-Las Vegas
  7. Penn State-University Park
  8. Texas Tech University
  9. Vassar College
  10. University of Wisconsin-Madison

I guess this is where I mention I got rejected by Arizona State University? Dang it. Who'd have thought the wounds of rejection could sting even deeper?

What do you think of college ranking guides like this? Scary or silly?


Image via B. Charles Johnson/Flickr


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