The Real Willy Wonka Golden Ticket: How to Get Your Own

Missing Golden TicketSeptember is a splendiferous month.

If you think I just committed a typo, please, get thee to your local library and enter these two words into the author search: Dahl, Roald.

No need to thank us, but you may want to stock up on chocolate before you start.

Roald Dahl is, of course, the author of the books upon the worst Johnny Depp movie ever made is based.

And to make it up to us, Penguin Publishing has snuck out a Golden Ticket for the world's Willy Wonka fans.

The Stir got a first taste, and might we say it's scrum-diddly-umptious?


"The Missing Golden Ticket" is, in fact, a new book from the author who has been dead some 20 years.

Having named September Roald Dahl Month in honor of the British legend's Sept. 13th birthday, Penguin has let out what they're calling "the top secret missing chapter" from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."

But if your kids are Charlie fans and one chapter isn't likely to sate their tastes for sweet Dahl quirks, good news: the missing chapter falls gobsmack in the middle of behind-the-scenes details from Dahl.

From original names for characters to the author's own taste for chocolate, it's the sweetest of treats for young readers.

Scratch that, reverse it.

It's the treat that kept this die-hard Dahl fan with her bedside lamp on while her husband slept. You can take the girl out of childhood, but you can't take the childhood out of the girl.

Like my colleague Tracy's affiniity for teen lit, I have a section of my attic dedicated to books from childhood that I swear are for my daughter once she reaches the tween age. But I've been known to sneak them out now and again for some comfort reading.

The Dahl books are among them -- in honor of his month, I daresay I might sample "Matilda" and the "Fantastic Mr. Fox" just for fun. They're my golden ticket back to a time when silly words and goofy premises did it for me.

Are you hungry for a taste?


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