'Jersey Shore' Halloween Costumes: Which Sleazy, Drunk Jersey Kid Is Your Kid Gonna Be?

Jersey Shore Halloween costumes

Oh good gawd, not Jersey Shore Halloween costumes! I suppose it was just a matter of time...

Fake tan not included.


So many very cool Jersey-esque costume choices for your kids here. How ever will they decide which big-haired, big-mouthed youngster to be?

Pauly D

We have the Deluxe DJ Pauly D Costume ($24.99), complete with molded muscles, tattoos, a black tank top with a printed logo, and the beaded cross necklace. Pauly D Headphones ($17.99) and gravity-defying wig ($17.99) sold separately (that hair is VERY special, folks). Or just spend an hour with a blow dryer and a dozen bucks on a tube of Pauly D's favorite hair gel Joico ICE Spiker.

The Situation

The Deluxe The Situation Costume ($24.95) comes with six-pack abs, a black printed tank top, and a bead chain.


Snooki-lovers need options. Choose between the Snooki Black Dress Costume ($29.99) that includes a sexy black mini dress with a plunging neckline held together with a silver O-ring and a sheer midriff panel or the Snooki Metallic Leopard Dress Costume ($29.99) that includes a sexy plunge-neckline mini dress in a shiny metallic leopard print. Snooki Hair Pouf ($17.99) sold separately.

But wow, what about JWoww? What if your kid really really wants to be JWoww for Halloween? Do what any good parent would do and buy your daughter a piece from JWoww's Filthy Couture collection or, you know, any other cheap hooker dress you can find. And I'm pretty sure the Snooki Hair Pouf ($17.99) can pass as a JWoww hair pouf.

Would you let your teen wear one of these costumes for Halloween?


Image via Costume Craze

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