Teen Girls Set Booby Trap (Literally) to Rob ATM Users

ATM Euro machine EuropeanHeading off on a Parisian vacation anytime soon? Well, if you are and you want to send your husband out for cash for dinner, you might want to tell him not to get distracted by any bare breasts he might happen upon at the ATM machine. Otherwise, it might just cost you some dough.

According to USA Today, Paris police arrested two teen-aged girls for using their breasts to distract tourists pulling cash out of the ATM in the Sixth Arrondissement (Saint-Germain), a popular tourist area.


Wow, sounds like the hoodlum girls in Paris are getting pretty creative (oh wait, I think flashing your boobs is the oldest trick in the book, right?).

The arrest report says one girl waved a newspaper before a man at the ATM in order to distract him. It is then alleged that she popped open her top and grabbed the man's genitals while her gal pal grabbed the 300 Euros (about $385) that came (no pun intended) out of the machine.

Not the job of brainiac teens; however, I do wonder how long this scam actually worked for the girls.

Have you ever experienced anything weird at an ATM machine?


Image via moacirpdsp/Flickr

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