Three Florida Kids Trick Airline Into Booking A Flight to Dollywood

southwest airlinesSo much for airport security.

If you thought it was weird that Steven Slater made it all the way out of the airport without once getting stopped by some sort of security figure, how about this story?

Three kids hopped a plane from Florida to Dollywood in Tennessee.

And their parents had no clue.


According to The Guardian, Bridget Brown, 15, her 11-year-old brother, Cody, and a 13-year-old friend, Bobby Nolan, showed up at the Southwest Airlines ticket counter and were able to buy tickets without anyone asking any questions.

Then the kids got on the flight -- again, no questions asked.

They're all old enough to meet the average airline's unaccompanied minor cutoff, the defense Southwest is throwing up.

But they're conveniently forgetting the kids didn't just fly alone. They bought the tickets alone.

And in a country where you need to practically parade out your pediatric medical records to book a flight these days, that's the sticking point here.

They'll ask the average adult for mother's maiden name, and number of littermates their puppy had, but they'll let a 15-year-old book a flight for an 11-year-old?

I'm not sure whether to commend the Browns and Nolans on raising such adventurous kids or smack them upside the head for raising three dumbasses (they got to Nashville only to figure out they were still 200 miles from Dollywood . . . which is when they finally called Mom and Dad for help).

But the Jacksonville Airport certainly gets a thumbs down for security this week.

Does this story bug you?


Image via cordey/Flickr

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