'Mad Men' Parenting Tips: 5 Reasons Not to Let Your Daughter Attend Sally Draper's Sleepover

Sally Draper Mad MenI don’t know about you, but now that we are comfortably into season four, I find myself doing a lot of fantasizing about life in the world of Mad Men. Particularly the life of a parent. Or the life of a kid ... Don Draper's kid.

There is, admittedly, a lot to love, but also a lot to worry about, especially considering how far we've come. Yet I do find myself giving in to the seduction. I also worry about the impact on the family from all the goings on in the Draper household and because of that, I came up with a list of five reasons not to let your daughter attend Sally Draper's sleepover party ....


1. She might die. Between the secondhand smoke, lack of the right kind of supervision (remember the spaceman game with dry-cleaning bags?), and creepy neighbor GLEN, there are just too many risk factors.
2. Betty will mess with her mind. She's too pretty and cold to be anything but trouble for the self-esteem of any pre-adolescent girl. Look at poor Sally.
3. Toys are probably all covered in lead.
And didn't Betty's dad give Bobby some kind of war  weapon? I'm sure no one put that up out of reach.
4. The food is crap. You’re not going to find any edamame, low-sugar juices, or anything slightly resembling whole grain around there. Best to just steer clear before your kids come home demanding spam and instant mashed potatoes.
5. Now that Don doesn't live there, there's really very little chance you are going to flirt
during drop-off or pick-up. What's the point?

What would you most worry about if your kid was invited to a Draper sleepover?


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