Jeggings: Too Sexy For Your School?

jeggingsAt least a dozen websites list jeggings as the must buy for your daughter for back-to-school this summer.

I give my daughter full permission to hate me now.

I'm not buying into the trend.

There's just something about them that screams "too sexy for this school."


I'll be the first to admit I'm being completely irrational.

I put this up as a query on Facebook earlier this week, and my friend MJ -- who has three girls older than mine, and who I count on for her common sense -- told me she doesn't see the big deal.

"Gotta ask, does any parents child wear skinny jeans? Isn't that pretty much the same thing? Really just don't see the problem."

Point taken. But then, I'm not entirely crazy about skinny jeans either -- even though my daughter owns several pairs (some I've even bought myself because I can't find anything else on the shelves).

But I took heart in knowing that even though I'm not listening to MJ this time, I'm not the only fuddy duddy dressing her daughter these days.

Her voice was actually in the minority. As my friend Kate added:

"I used to always put A in leggings, but those were soft, cottony. I'm not sure jeggings are any worse than those faux denim diapers, but the bar on tacky for kids' clothing is getting pretty low!"

My daughter has a few pairs of regular leggings too. Some are even fancy -- I love these ruched leggings from Tea that I've been waiting to see go on sale.

So what is it about jeggings?

Is it, as my friend S. said, when we adults wear them we consider them seeeexy, so the same pair on a mini person feels wrong?

Is it because they're more expensive than the plain old pair of leggings I throw on under her dresses? Or is it because I'm just, as another friend confessed, "showing my age?"

Or maybe it's those old sparkly lame American Apparel leggings that drove everyone up the wall last year coming back to haunt us in every incarnation of the soft, tight-legged pant.

As my friend B -- who isn't even a mom -- said, there's an overwhelming itch in America to turn not-trashy traditional clothing items (the legging) into something Jersey Shore-approved.

So I'm irrational. I'm old. But I still have the buying power in this family.

Jeggings are out. But we'll see about those ruched leggings.


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