13-Year-Old Pitcher to Be First Female Major Leaguer?

Chelsea Baker
Chelsea Baker
Have you heard about Chelsea Baker, the 13-year old little league pitcher, the only girl on her team in Plant City, Florida, and possibly the best little league pitcher in the country?

There's no other way to say this...she's totally bad @ss.



Chelsea has pitched two perfect games -- meaning no opposing player reached a base; essentially a no hitter AND a shut out all in one.

And don't try to tell her to go play softball, that softball's for girls, cause Chelsea's not having it. And why would she when she's perfected a "dirty" knuckle ball that's striking out (boy) players right and left:

"Whenever I usually strike somebody out with a knuckle ball, they sometimes start crying," she says.

Is it possible that Chelsea will make the major league when she gets older? Or will the boys soon catch up? I suppose it could go either way, but if that look in this girl's eye means anything, then I'm pretty sure we should start dusting off the major league mound for Ms. Baker.

"I'm doing a thing that not many people have done," says Chelsea. "I really want to prove people wrong because it'll probably change your world."

What do you think of Chelsea's story?

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