Teen Boy Makes Longest Basketball Shot in the World

basketball hoopAll I could do at age 17 was my hair. Of course, it was the highest, most gigantic unpenetrable hairsprayed wall of bangs you've ever encountered. And for that, I am proud.

Evan Sellers, a 17-year-old from Alabama is probably pretty proud right now too -- since he made the longest basketball shot in the world the other day.

Check out his radical shot!


Evan is a member of the Legendary Shots basketball group, a team of basketball-loving hoopsters who make strive to make the coolest trick shots ever.

This winning shot came after about two hours of trying. Sellers shot the basketball from the top of a 134-foot monument in Birmingham, Alabama.

Amazing, huh?

What made you proud when you were 17?


Image via StuSeeger/Flickr

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