SillyBandz: The Newest Danger on the Block?

Silly BandzIf you thought SillyBandz were just painful for your wallet, beware.

It turns out the rubber bracelets are fast becoming a health risk and a major nuisance for pediatricians.


1. Circulation Risk: The bands are not all made to fit every arm, and doctors warn the smaller bracelets in particular can cut off the blood flow to the hand. Also dangerous: Too many bands on the arm, forcing the bracelet to get tight and again cut off the blood flow. If your kids report numbness in the hand or arm, make them take them off immediately.

2. You'll Shoot Your Eye Out: Can't understand why your kids' school sent out a letter warning against bringing the bands come September? Kids are using them the old-fashioned way: in rubberband wars. And they're getting hurt.

3. Choking Hazard: A problem with the younger users or the younger siblings of the wearers, there is a warning about this on the package ... but many parents ignore it or fail to realize the bands break down over time (particularly when kids spend a lot of time in the pool) and fall off.

Have your kids had any of these problems yet?


Image via MG Shelton/Flickr

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