'Glee' Is Back Today!

Glee The BeginningIf you've been curled up in a corner since June mourning the end of the first season of Glee, it's time to pull yourself together and get yourself to a bookstore.

Glee is back today.

And even though it's technically for teens, the new books from Little, Brown and Company have everything a true Gleek of any age needs to keep them going until the show returns to Fox this fall.


Let's start with the glittery cover of Glee: The Beginning, featuring Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, and Dianna Agron. Better known as Rachel, Finn, and Quinn.

Flip to the back, and you can pretend you've got a locker again and pull out the fan poster -- one side is Team Finn and Quinn, the other is Team Finn and Rachel. Where do you stand?

Written by Sophia Lowell, they fill in the gaps Glee has left with its fantastical musical numbers -- giving the characters substance.

The Beginning highlights how only in Lima can you be a Lima loser for wanting to get out of Dodge as soon as possible -- something teen readers can't help but identify with whether they're a Finn, a Quinn, or an Artie.

It's not perfect. The always astute Mercedes still mysteriously falls for the gay Kurt, Sue Sylvester comes off flat without the Jane Lynch delivery, and the whole premise of the book is a look at McKinley's glee club without Mr. Schue.

Which almost seems blasphemous.

But your real issue should be hoping the teen you "bought it for" doesn't notice the dog-eared pages.


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