Hope for 'Hardly': New Teen Girl Magazine With Smarts & Substance?

Hardly magazineJust read about Hardly magazine, the new online Canadian teen magazine, which will go live tomorrow, July 30. Word is it's going to be a smarter magazine for girls, not your typical mainstream beauty and gossip magazine.

Hardly is being touted as an alternative to today's teen magazines, and it's being compared to Sassy magazine, the super-cool alternative teen magazine from the late 1980s.

Sounds promising.


The first table of contents of Hardly magazine is slated to include:

  • first-person memoir by singer-songwriter Amy Millan (of Stars) about her high school experience
  • day-in-the-life diaries of teenage girls across Canada (with photos, text & illustration)
  • an advice column
  • an internship column
  • book review column
  • fashion and beauty shoots starring real teenage girls

Co-editor Laura deCarufel explains the mission and hopes for Hardly:

"[When we were teens], it was the opposite experience of so much of what mainstream teen culture seems to be about now -- you closed the magazine feeling inspired instead of ... depressed -- and fat. So we realized how important those magazines had been to us -- I still remember whole photo shoots from Sassy and I still have a poem memorized from Seventeen -- and we decided that we wanted to use whatever experience and skills that we had as magazine editors and writers to try and create something similar for the current generation of teens."

Hardly magazine's second co-editor Jennifer Lee adds, "We want Hardly to be a magazine that teenage girls look to for inspiration, a magazine that is a substantial read rather than a how-to guide."

Laura says:

"It's depressing how the people who are held up as icons (like the girls on The Hills) seem to have so little substance to offer. But the exciting part is that there are people who are doing great things everywhere, all the time. We want Hardly to introduce teenagers to people that they might not hear about otherwise; we want to showcase people with real talent -- like the musicians, artists, writers, designers who inspired us years ago."

I'm excited. I'm not a teen girl and I don't have a teen-aged daughter, but I'm definitely going to check Hardly out. I'm thrilled to see the beginings of a magazine created for thinking girls.

Based on what you read, does Hardly interest you or do you think it might interest your teen daughter?


Image via Ampersand

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