5 Designer Dorm Rooms From HGTV Designer Taniya Nayak

Taniya NayakAre you gearing up to send your college freshman (gasp! time sure flies!) off to college life and his or her very first dorm room? Are they already complaining how boring and beige the dorm rooms are, causing you to see more money fly out the window (you'd think tuition would be enough!)? Well today's your lucky day.

Taniya Nayak, celebrity interior designer and star of HGTV's Destination Design, has created five affordable designer dorm rooms. Each of the rooms boasts a distinct style and personality -- Surfer Chick, Preppy Chic, Rocker Girl, All-American Guy and Bali. Taniya aims to show college students and parents alike that dorm rooms can be stylishly decorated on a tight budget. Check out Taniya's five great-looking college dorm rooms after the jump.


Taniya Nayak used products from HomeGoods to create all her dorm room looks. Check out the super-cool dorm rooms. Although the looks are totally girl-heavy, there are lots of ideas that can work in a dorm room for a young woman or a young man.

Surfer Chick

surfer chick dorm room

This dorm room is carefree casual with a sporty twist! The girl-next-door, the freshwoman in this room makes friends easily with classmates, dormmates and teammates! She loves being outdoors, especially when she's surfing, playing tennis or on the softball field. Her room is an eclectic mix of bold patterns and colors that show off her fun-loving personality.

"Wallpaper in a snap!" explains Taniya. "Pick out colorful placemats and create your own pattern with a little double-stick tape."

This circle-based wall pattern would look great in a guy's room too.

Preppy Chic

preppy girl's dorm room

Polka dots, argyle and stripes, oh my! This young woman's room reflects preppy chic style with bright, beachy accessories in pinks, greens and yellows. She loves sweet decorating details, like buttons, bows and purses on the wall (a fun idea that's the envy of her sorority sisters!).

Taniya suggests, "Use temporary heavy-duty stick-on hooks to turn accessories like colorful purses into dorm-friendly wall art."

Rocker Girl

rocker girl's dorm room

Black and white and fuchsia all over! For the college freshman with the deets on the latest fashion and the hottest new bands, this monochromatic color scheme shows off chic style. Always on the "best dressed" list, she loves LOVES a room that shows her fashionista side.

"Turn any bed into a daybed by layering on playful pillows," says Taniya. "Mix and match patterns, colors and textures." Use more masculine colors and patterns to create a guy-friendly daybed too.

All-American Guy

all american boy guy dorm room

Sports, sports, and more sports! This room is for the All-American guy who loves to play, watch and read about baseball, basketball, football -- you name it! Off the field, he wants a room that's great for hanging with his buddies and jamming on the guitar.

"This steamer trunk does double duty as storage and seating."


bali dorm room

Styles from around the world! This girl is a free spirit who is inspired by the unique and exotic fashion from places she reads about and wants to visit (Think Bali!). She loves the look of bold jewel tones mixed with gold and bronze and wants a room that'll make her eclectic style shine.

"Get creative. Find something bold to inspired the look of the entire room, like this headboard made of bright orange, curly willows."

Are you moving your child into a dorm room this fall? Which dorm room, if any, fits your college freshman's personality best?


Images via HomeGoods

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