Madonna-Inspired Clothing: Not a Mother's Worst Nightmare...How Boring! (Material Girl Line Sneak Peek!)

MadonnaAs we told you already here on The Stir, Madonna has teamed up with her daughter Lola (Lourdes) to create a new fast-fashion junior collection "Material Girl." The collection will be in Macy's stores on August 3rd.

But after checking out the sneak peek of the new line, I'm wondering where Madonna's edge has gone (it looks pretty tame). Where are the bras and the crucifixes (here's one but TAME) and the neon orange pumps with neon green anklet socks?

What happened to the edgy, street-punk Material Girl? Are the styles that were good enough for Madonna (and all of us former Madonna-wannas) too sexy for Lola and today's teens? Or maybe for today's moms?

I guess Madge is just more afraid of moms now that she is one.


Madonna, you inspired me to wear skirts over lace leggings, lace hair ties, bracelets up my arm and bustier tops. I dyed my hair platinum blond (and painfully, it was never quite right). And now, the fashion inspiration you're bringing to young girls consists of tasteful plaid blazers, barely-there lace accents, chin-high leather vests, and subtle leopard flats?

I'm so disappointed...

Take a look at this Material Girl collection sneak peek!

           leather jacket vest Material Girl Madonnaplaid jacket  Madonna Material Girl

floral skirt  Madonna Material Girl collectionblack skort  Madonna Material Girl


leopard flats   plaid blouse


Oh right. I'm a mom. I should be happy the clothing collection by the woman who put the word "virgin" and yelps that said otherwise regularly on the airwaves in my youth is tasteful and nice. I should be nodding my head at Madonna's maturity and applauding the wisdom of her motherly years.

However, I can't help but YAWN. These clothes are so boring. Not only do they lack the edginess of the original Madonna style, but they lack the creativity. Believe me, I'm not rallying for slutty outfits or bras on the outside again. But these pieces are safe and lackluster.

My years as a Madonna-wanna were the years I had the most fun with fashion. Madonna showed us you could get creative, break the rules, wear thrift store finds, wear tights with a rip in them (why not?), pair old with new, and layer textures and styles.

Press materials for the Material Girl collection say the line is for a "spontaneous and fearless individual who invents her own fashion trends and is never afraid to make a bold, creative statement. She is influenced by her eclectic taste in music, dance and Hollywood." They also says, "It’s all about self-expression."

Yeah, if that self-expression is BORING.

Well, maybe some more interesting pieces will be revealed. I did see mention of a tutu dress and studded combat boots but couldn't locate any images.

The Material Girl collection will include apparel, footwear, handbags and jewelry and will retail from $12 to $40.

You can follow Lola's fashion blog to keep up.

What do you think of Madonna and Lola's new 'Material Girl' line? Boring and uninspired or more appropriate for teen girls today?


Images via Magic Bullet Media

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