When the Lunch Lady Is Your Superhero

lunch ladyAnyone can pull on Superman PJs and Spidey underoos. But when's the last time you talked to your kids about the superheroes among us?

The firemen, the police ... or just the guy pushing a broom around your local grocery store?

I'll readily admit this is a bourgeois problem: how to teach our kids to strive for the highest job in the land while simultaneously hammering home that there is value in every person, in every job.


I've been digging the Lunch Lady graphic novel series from Jarrett Krosoczka in the last few months. 

No, it's not a bad old Adam Sandler song.

These books for kids are pure (clean) fun -- Krosoczka has captured childhood fun in the tales of a mystery-solving lunch lady with James Bond-like gadgets.

Aimed at the middle grade readers, the Lunch Lady books are as much about finding a diamond in the rough -- or the cafeteria -- as they are capturing those reluctant readers with graphics.

There are four of these out on shelves right now, including the latest, Lunch Lady and the Summer Camp Shakedown.

Who are your kids' superheros?


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