Forget the Mean Girls Sequel: Paisley Hanover Uncovers Teen Truths

paisley hanoverRemember the buzz about a Mean Girls sequel -- sans Lindsay Lohan -- a few weeks ago?

Here's a tip: Skip the movies and go straight to the bookstores because the second in Cameron Tuttle's Paisley Hanover series hits shelves this week and it's got enough mean girl action and heroine sass to satisfy -- without washed-up child stars and their screwed up families entourage. 


Paisley Hanover, introduced in Paisley Hanover Acts Out earlier this spring, is a semi-popular kid who was forced by a school's overscheduling into a drama class, where she's put face-to-face with the kids she's been afraid of becoming her whole life.

And it turns out she likes them.

Crushes after one even.

This time around, in Paisley Hanover Kisses and Tells, Hanover is already out of her "rah rah" shell and hellbent on helping the "unpopular" crowd use its majority share in the high school marketplace for good.

It's comedic but sprinkled with hard-hitting issues -- from sexting to teen journalism and freedom of speech -- that elevate the Hanover series from teen fluff to teen "lit." Sure, there's a love triangle, but there are no sparkling vampires, and Hanover is more clueless teen navigating the early days of dating than depressing example of how far feminism has failed to travel.

Hanover plays soccer. She uses simpering merely as manipulation (in a good way). 

There are speed bumps: Hanover is at times so clueless her character grates on the nerves, and while the books trail off to leave room for the next in the series, the endings are somewhat anticlimactic.

But if you're looking to give your teen girl a fun summer read with some meat to it, they're worth a shot. You might even read them yourself and cringe at the memories.


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