Harriet the Spy: The Next Generation

elvis and oliveHarriet the Spy hasn't done much sneaking around since the '60s (that Disney Channel disaster doesn't count).

But if your kids have already made their way through Louise Fitzhugh's classic and started begging for their own notebooks, you can keep them from pawing through your underwear drawer for clues this summer.

Bring on a new set of spies to keep their noses stuck in a book this summer instead of your closet.


The first in the Elvis & Olive series from Stephanie Watson hit shelves a few weeks ago, and I've been pouring through in preparation for the next one.

It's summer in the burbs, and a set of the most misfit friends since Abbott and Costello is haunting the neighborhood on a spying adventure.

The friendship is the highlight of this book -- Watson's version of pre-teens (the book is for kids 9 to 12) is pitch perfect.

Just as important -- for parents anyway -- the privacy lessons that ruled Harriet are repeated in Elvis & Olive in a way that's not preachy.

Learning the difference between nosiness and curiosity is a lesson for the ages.

Do you have your kids' summer reading list ready?


Image via Scholastic

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