Four Loko Energy & Alcohol Drink: Popular With Teens

Four LokoIt's no surprise teens are wild about the new Four Loko drink: it's energy, booze, and crazy all in one hip-looking can. What's for a teenager not to like?

Of course, there's just enough "loko" in this can to make a teenager really sick if not lead to severe alcohol poisoning.

Trust me, this stuff can get ugly and fast.


Four Loko is being called "coke in a can" (as in cocaine, people), and it's sold right next to the energy drinks in many stores. But make no mistake. The drink is double the size of a soda can and full of sugar, caffeine, and double or triple the amount of alcohol found in most beers.

The Four Loko of my teen years was a crazy-sweet hooch called Cisco, and the more we heard how nuts it made people, the more we wanted to get our hands on some. The teen mind is twisted, what can I say?

The night we did get our hands on a bottle we sneaked into the movies. We barely made it past the previews before a girl was tossing her cookies (more likely her popcorn) all over the front of her sweater. She could barely walk and a few of the guys had to carry her out of the theater via the Exit door. Bad news. And we were sharing a bottle! That stuff was strong. And yes, case in point, this could have led to a case of alcohol poisoning had she not started throwing it up on her own.

Sure, they put warning labels all over the Four Loko and other drinks like it that contain alcohol, but it's awfully convenient that they make a drink like this amid the teen energy drink craze.

Parents, take note and educate your teens.

Do your teens drink energy drinks? Did you know some have alcohol in them?


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