Sasha & Malia Obama: Summer Vacation Plans?

Sasha Obama Malia President Barack Michelle First Family airplane
Photo by Jeff Haynes/Getty
Malia Obama, 11, and sister Sasha Obama, who turned 9 yesterday, are finishing up the school year like most American school kids.

President and Mrs. Obama, while busy as can be, did take time out yesterday to attend end-of-the-school-year functions for both the First Daughters at the girls' separate schools -- Malia's being a Sidwell school in northwest Washington and Sasha's being Sidwell Friends School in Bethesda, Maryland.

Gosh, it's weird enough when your parents are milling around at school events. I remember always feeling a little off-balance when my parents were there, in attendance, in my own little private world of school and school friends. Imagine if they showed up with Secret Service and tons of reporters? Double weird...

Anyway, now the question is how will the First Family be spending their summer vacation?


Some Gulf Coast dwellers and business owners have called for the Obamas to vacation in the Gulf, to lend support to area left suffering by the ongoing BP oil spills. A summer First Family trip to the Gulf would also help back up the statement President Obama made at a May 27 news conference: "Americans can help by continuing to visit the communities and beaches of the Gulf Coast." With few exceptions, he said, "all of the Gulf’s beaches are open. They are safe and they are clean."

What do you think, Sasha and Malia? Not exactly the kind of beach trip and suntan oil a young girl dreams about, is it?

Where do you think the Obama family should spend their summer vacation?

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