First Glee Spinoff Announced! Books for Tweens

Glee Journey
Photo from Fox
Glee's last snarky comment about Mr. Schue's hair is still ringing in our ears, and there's already a spin-off in the works.

Don't worry, season 2 is still coming at us with more McKinley High antics on Tuesday nights.

But our kids will be getting the preview of life before the Lima losers became stars.


Little Brown Books for Young Readers has announced a series of Glee books for tweens, starting with a prequel the AP reports will carry the not-so-Gleeful title The Beginning.

Let's hope they come up with something more melodic for the inside pages.

I'm hardly surprised they're mining a show about teens for books for tweens -- even toddlers aren't immune to the toe-tapping TV show.

What will be interesting is to see how they tackle the primetime topics in a setting that's actually meant for kids -- anyone seeing Quinn's teen pregnancy turning into an after-school-special type book in the series? A book entirely devoted to being gay -- and Kurt -- in high school?

A preachy "football stars can follow their dreams off the gridiron" title about Finn and/or Puck?

Do you think our kids will read these or will this be the next Twilight -- books for kids massively consumed by moms?


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