The Father's Day Gift for When You're Done Having Kids

Photo from Crafty Is the New Black
So here's the scene: Father's Day is coming up. You have two kids in elementary school, and you've decided you'll never change a diaper again. 

So how do you break the news to him AND get his Father's Day gift out of the way?

Why you buy the Vasectomy Vern, of course.


From Crafty Is the New Black's Etsy shop, the kit comes with:

  • The Official Vasectomy Vern t-shirt
  • A "Shootin' Blanks" beer cozy hand-embroidered to match Vern's "Shootin' Blanks" t-shirt
  • A Vasectomy Vern greeting card with a customizable message ("Congrats on your vasectomy!" or "You're my hero" or the ever popular "Hope your nuts feel better soon!" Please note the message you would like.)
  • Black gift bag with "The Official Vasectomy Vern gift set tag" and a sheet of black tissue paper

It will outlast that bag of frozen peas, and he can wear it to his poker game for maximum sympathy cigars.

What? This isn't how you'd prepare your partner for his snippage?

How did you decide you were done with making babies?


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