Facebook Helps Mom Find Her Kidnapped Kids

Facebook screen shot
Flickr photo by Global X
Whether you like Facebook or not, this story, found via MomLogic, about a mom reunited with her kidnapped kids via Facebook undeniably shows the power of the wildly popular Internet connection (and reconnection) maker.


A mom who hadn't seen her children -- a daughter then age 3 and a son then age 2 -- since their father kidnapped them 15 years ago from San Bernardino, California, found her daughter via Facebook.

The mother searched for her daughter, now living in Florida, and upon finding her, friended her on Facebook, and they began messaging back and forth. Then the mom contacted her local police department.

After some investigation, the kids' father Faustino Utrera was arrested and the kids were placed in the custody of the Department of Children and Families. The mother was granted custody of the two teenagers, and soon they'll be reunited and she'll have two teenagers living with her.

While this is joyful in every way for the mother, it must be very confusing and complicated for these teens, who have essentially never even known their mom. I wish this family all the best in their long-overdue reunion. Facebook may have helped make the initial connection, but there's a lot of work to be done offline.

Heard any good Facebook connection or reconnection stories lately?

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